Complicite: A Selection the Video Resources Available

A series interviews about the early years of Complicite with Dr Michael Fry (Deputy Director of East 15) will be published throughout this week.

Before we begin here is a selection of videos of Simon McBurney discussing the company and theatre in general that will compliment the more historical focus of the interview with Michael Fry:

Simon’s thoughts on theatre (2015):

“The intensity of the moment of theatre in the present is about living. Living here and now.”

Interview with Simon by Andrew Dickson (2010) that covers Complicite’s productions:

“Each piece is made according to the subject matter.”

Complicite at 30: Simon McBurney and Judith Dimant in Converstion at the National Theatre (2014)

“The key thing is: what are the stories that you are telling?”

Dr Michael Fry’s chapter on Complicite in British Theatre Companies (1980 – 1994) focuses on the first fifteen years of the company.