Essential Videos on Stage Design

Inspired by today’s TheatreVOICE podcast with Ralph Koltai I have been looking into video resources about stage design. Here is a selection of video content from around the web. A journey from the past to the future, it just scratches the surface, but a good start.

Adolphe Appia – Visionary of Invisible (Trailer)

The full documentary is available for free to Amazon Prime subscribers:

3D Models of Edward Gordon Craig’s Engravings

Ralph Koltai-WSD2017 Scenofest Keynote speech

Ralph Koltai CBE was never conscious of breaking boundaries. He intuitively responded to challenges, and experimented with innovative materials never before used in stage practice. The spaces he created enhanced the experience of performers and audience. He became famous for inventing the Visual Metaphor for the production rather than reproducing stage naturalism. His creations, now in many prestigious art collections, reflect his sculptural manipulation of space, and after 67 years of work, his latest exhibition of his sculptural collages created from ‘ found objects’ from his ancient French farm show that he was never just ‘ a theatre designer ‘ but a true interdisciplinary artist of the theatre.

Le nozze di Figaro: From page to stage

With unique behind the scenes access to Michael Grandage’s production of Le nozze di Figaro, this film follows the creation of award-winning designer Christopher Oram’s Moorish inspired set from the page to the Glyndebourne stage.

The Red Barn: Behind the Scene Changes

Featuring interviews with designer Bunny Christie and members of the crew, we look at the incredible work that goes on behind the scenes of this cinematic production. Based on the novel La Main by Georges Simenon, David Hare’s new play The Red Barn debuted at the National Theatre on the Lyttelton stage in 2016.

Putting the Liberian Civil War on Stage

Designer Anna Fleischle in conversation with production manager Niall Black.

Es Devlin speaks at FutureFest 2016

Award-winning stage designer Es Devlin draws on her own practice to explore the future of creativity and play, at FutureFest 2016.

The Future of Theatre Design

How is technology changing the way that we stage and design a production? What new possibilities might digital technology open up for theatre designers in the future? From the Deus Ex Machina of Ancient Greek Theatre to the invention of the electric lantern in the late nineteenth century, technology has had a huge impact on the ways in which we stage a performance. Olivier Award Winning Set Designer Es Devlin (Chimerica, American Psycho, The Nether) and Luke Halls (I Can’t Sing!, Olympic and Paralympic Closing Ceremonies) discuss how digital technology is currently revolutionising the world of theatre design. Chaired by The Nether’s resident director Daniel Raggett.